Teaching Material

Comelio Über UnsFor us, education  is not a state which you can simply achieve and where you can stay but rather a process which requires continuous improvement. Hence, we do not speak of knowledge but of training as knowledge bears always the risk of becoming outdated and overtaken by new procedures, methods, and findings. We strive for supporting you in this permanent training process. We can only succeed in enabling you to meet with professional expectations when we rely on the expertise of our trainers who are recognized experts in their fields - be it because of their own continuous training or because of their publications and practical experience.

Many training locations and frequent training dates

Comelio Über UnsParticipants and students who work for the same company but at different geographical locations can attend the same training at a nearby location because we carry out the same training at various locations. Hence, it is possible to bring new knowledge at high-speed into a team because typically, there will only be 6-8 weeks between two training dates at the various locations and maybe only a couple of months between training dates at the same location. If you need the training quicker and if you a flexible when it comes to travelling you can therefore attend the training within 6-8 weeks.

Continuous development of training content

Comelio Über UnsWe steadily continue to improve and enhance our training materials. For that, we rely on the expertise of our faculty members as well as on the input of technology-vendors and manufacturers of software and database products. These business partners conceive their own seminars and provide teaching materials for training companies. Thanks to appropriate partnerships we are able to convey the state of art and integrate new technical developments into future trainings. Thus, it is possible that a seminar you booked for yourself in the past and which is still relevant and can still bebooked today will have updated and revised content.

Modern knowledge by maintaining the training agendas

Comelio Über UnsWe update our training agenda but keep many training titles in our catalog. It is therefore absolutely easy for companies, departments, and teams to easily integrate new colleagues when certain methods and techniques for the performance of their tasks are required. Our long-term training catalog makes it also easy for for you to find the appropriate training as you or other coworkers already have attended the seminar with the previously (or still) relevant content and you or they are now looking for the same content for a team member - but of course in its revised form.

Individual training catalogs for in-house trainings

Comelio Über UnsWe help you to spread useful and practical knowledge within a team or across departments and locations by offering your company an individual training catalog comprising of a selection of standard or individual trainings. So, our teachers are capable to optimally meet your knowledge needs while delivering a pre-planned and quality-assured individual training.