Trainers and lecturers

Our trainers and consultants are the key factor for a successful and efficient training that gives you an overview of the latest developments in your field of interest and is entertaining and stimulating at the same time.

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Comelio Über UnsOur trainers and consultants typically studied Information Technology, Economics or Psychology and work not only as trainers but are also involved in concrete projects (software development, Business Intelligence or Data Mining projects) or assist companies and organizations in consulting projects (business or team development). This combination of being a trainer / lecturer and a practitioner guarantees that they are both familiar with recent developments in their fields of interest and know what technologies other companies in the market apply or what kind of combinations of tools and techniques are used throughout a certain branch of industry.


Comelio Über UnsMany of them also publish books or maintain a blog on topics like databases, software development, and data analysis. Their books are only available in Europe but we hope that they - sooner or later - will also find their readers in the rest of the world. Comelio also its own publishing house since 2007 which publishes books on programming, XML, and database technologies for the German-speaking market.

Activities and Measures

Comelio Über UnsOur trainers did not stop their professional qualification after their university years but are certified by Microsoft, Oracle, the OMG or other vendors as trainers or developers.

Through various actions and activities, we are able to provide you with high-quality, interesting and useful trainings. The investment in education is essential and financially substantial - because of training fees, travel costs and time.

So as to make your investment for yourself or your co-workers profitable, we also invest in the training of our faculty members and the equipment of our rooms as well as the processes by which we meet your educational needs.

IT trainings

Comelio Über UnsTrainings for new techniques in IT often focus very new and innovative methods. It is therefore imperative that teachers improve their own skills continuously. This is achieved not only through trainings but also by networking and direct contact with manufacturers as well as other individual measures like blogging or writing books.

We list them below in any order to give you an impression of our own strong interest and commitment to deliver high quality trainings:

  • Continuous education provided by the manufacturers
  • Proof of knowledge acquisition through certifications
  • Additional certifications for educational qualification
  • Project / consulting work and trainings
  • Specialized publication of books and magazine articles as well as for the Comelio Blog
  • Participation in research and development projects

In addition to these measures which are all very trainer related, our company also takes measures on achieving company-related quality standards and continuously maintain, to have access to learning resources and create and maintain an atmosphere of knowledge and learning..

  • Microsoft Partner and Microsoft Certified Trainer
  • Oracle Partner (and before the merger also Sun Advantage Partner)
  • Member of the OMG (Object Management Group)
  • Altova Partner im Bereich Education und Reselling
  • SyncRo Soft (Manufacturer of oXygen XML Editor)

Soft Skills Trainings

Comelio Über UnsSoft Skills trainings are heavily based on the personality of the coach as well as  on his / her academic education. Theoretical content can only be efficiently delivered and successfully learnt by the students if it is supported by the professional experience of the trainer outside the training itself e.g. in the health sector or in a company. The following list contains individual measures and characteristics of our coaches and should provide a good picture of their personal background:

  • Special academic training and continuous professional training
  • Existing or previous job in the medical / psychological sector
  • Experience in social work and clinical counseling
  • Specialist publications as a book or magazine article
  • Medical / psychological and educational certification