Individual Trainings

Comelio Planning Organisation Our nearly 600 trainings cover a vast array of topics: IT (software development and databases), Data Mining and Statistics as well as Soft Skills. However, we are flexible when it comes to planning and carrying out individual and on-site trainings and can adjust the content of one or several courses, the chronological structure of the agenda or the focus of each topic of a training. Use our examples of flexible course design as a collection of ideas for your individual seminars and trainings that you conceive as training for a team or a specific group of participants.

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Standard vs. individual trainings

IT: Software and database development

Comelio Planning ContentTypical approaches for an individual training in the field of information technology (programming and database development) can be:

  • Using a real-world database for an SQL training
  • Combining database programming (like PL/SQL or T-SQL) with XML integration
  • Combining the project-related XML technologies into a new XML training
  • Defining a sub-selection of UML and BPMN elements for modeling real-world business processes
  • Using a real-world example (project, processes) for BPMN and UML trainings
  • Bringing people from various teams and departments together, establishing a common level of knowledge and then continue the training with the experts

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Software Development

  • Java, PHP, .NET, Python
  • XML integration
  • DB programming using T-SQL and PL/SQL


  • MS SQL Server, Oracle, IBM DB2
  • XML/DB integration
  • PostgreSQL and MySQL

Business Intelligence

  • OLAP using MS SQL Server and Oracle
  • Data integration and ETL
  • OLAP solutions, reporting and multidimensional analysis


  • XML Schema, XSLT, XSL-FO, XPath/XQuery
  • Altova XMLSpy / Mapforce / StyleVision,
  • oXygen XML Editor / Author
  • XML-Integration with Oracle and MS SQL Server

Software Design

  • UML and BPMN, Enterprise Architect
  • Relational and object-oriented data modeling
  • Design Patterns for Java, .NET, PHP, Python
  • Ontologies (OWL, RDF, RDF Schema), semantic modeling and software development

Data Analysis

Comelio Planning ContentTrainings in the field of data analysis, statistics or Data Mining allow for many changes and adjustments because after understanding the formula and the concepts behind a certain method of analysis it is imperative to apply the newly learnt technique to sample data. It can be easier to use already prepared and optimized sample data but it is far more interesting to analyze already existing data coming from customers, surveys, experiments or processes like productions or sales.

Another standard idea for an individual training is to select the essential data analysis tools and methods which should be used by the students in the future. Despite the trainings already being very detailed and fine-grained it its often attractive to combine the agendas of several trainings into a training of 5 days while limiting the topics of these combined trainings to the ones which will be actually used.


  • Descriptive and inductive statistics in spreadsheets, databases, IBM SPSS or Minitab
  • Statistical modeling using R and IBM SPSS
  • Multivariate Statistics using R, Minitab, IBM SPSS
  • Statistical analysis using Open Source tools and R
  • Statistical programming in Oracle SQL, PL/SQL, and R

Data Mining

  • Data Mining using R, Minitab, IBM SPSS Modeler
  • Data Mining using MS SQL Server Analysis Services and Oracle DM

Business Intelligence

  • Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing techniques
  • Data Warehousing and OLAP using MS SQL Server and Oracle

 Soft Skills

Soft Skills trainings esp. in the field of communication can be even more effective when the scenarios, case studies, and especially role plays deal with common situations and challenges the students actually face in their everyday life. It is then additionally possible to explore the benefits of the newly acquired competencies in the controlled environment of the conference rooms.

Other trainings that focus on presentation or moderation can also be more effective when dealing with concrete mini presentations and typical situations where the students should perform better.

Comelio Seminare: Inhaltliche Anpassungen


  • Rhetoric and communication
  • Negotiations
  • Presentations
  • Body Language
  • Conflicts and mediation
  • Meetings and conferences
  • Efficient decision making

Management and Leadership

  • Project management
  • Office and team management
  • Motivation

Intercultural Training

  • India and China for westerners
  • Germany and Europe
  • Selling, negotiations, and project management

Better Working and Living

  • Self-marketing
  • Stress management
  • Creativity