About us

Comelio About UsThe Comelio Group comprises of three companies which are managed by the HQ in Berlin Germany.

In Germany, we are represented by Comelio GmbH in Berlin, founded in 2000. In the USA, our subsidiary Comelio GmbH, Inc. is located in Miami, FL since 2009. Our Indian branch Comelio Business Solutions P Ltd. has its office in Chennai, Tamil Nadu and was opened in 2012.

We are active in various segments of the Information Technology market. The Comelio Group conducts IT projects in the areas of Business Intelligence, Data Warehousing / OLAP and data analysis / integration as well as IT based Business Solutions for clients in Europe, the United States, and India. We also provides support for companies and organizations with seminars, consulting services and publishing books on software / database development and data analysis. Comelio in India offers traditional IT-Outsourcing and IT-Offshoring in software / DB development projects for clients in Europe and the US.

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Comelio Training

Comelio Training EducationSince 2000, Comelio is active in the market for educational services - be it instructor-led classroom trainings, individually tailored workshops, technology-related consulting and coaching or also web-based courses.

Public Courses

We offer around 400 different courses in German language and about 150 courses in English. The German trainings take place at regularly recurring dates in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland while the trainings in English are held in selected countries of  the European Union, in several cities in the USA as well as in India. The topics range from IT-related trainings for beginners as well as selected high-end technology courses.

Individual On-Site Trainings

Training Education ServicesAlongside our out-of-the-box public trainings we also provide you with individual educational services, be it an on-site training for your team presenting selected topics from various standard trainings or a workshop specifically tailored to your current project needs or organizational requirements. Additionally, we also make use of web-based trainings and workshops via video conferencing in case your team is geographically widespread and the training is best organized as a virtual session.

Technology Consulting and Individual Coaching

If neither our standard trainings nor a selection and new arrangement and adjustment of their topics suits your needs we can also fly in experts for consulting and on-site coaching. Such an engagement comes in handy as soon as a upcoming projects requires immediate knowledge transfer and prototyping, a feasibility study or simply a technical expert on the spot.

Other Divisions

Additionally to our education services, Comelio consists of other divisions which either focus on the actual development of IT systems or publish the expertise of its trainers, consultants, project managers or developers.

Comelio Business Solutions

Comelio About UsComelio offers its clients Business Intelligence, OLAP or Data Warehousing solutions on the basis of MS SQL Server and Oracle. The projects cover the fields of classic reporting systems and customized expert systems as well as data warehouse applications for OLAP, reporting and data mining or statistical programming using the open-source programming language R. Other open source products which can be found in Comelio software are e.g. MySQL or PostgreSQL.
In addition to regular relational data structures, Comelio also offers expertise in the fields of semantic data/ontologies or XML. Areas of application include the analysis of commercial / marketing / production data, customer / employee questionnaires or research data. With the help of software development, Comelio provides customized enhancements for user interfaces, algorithms for data analysis and data integration in all software layers.
Our programming technologies include Java, .NET, PHP or Python as well as various XML technologies and R.

Comelio Medien

Comelio About UsSince 2007 Comelio's own publishing house has published several books per year on the subjects of software development, databases / data management and Business Intelligence. The authors are as a rule seminar leaders from Comelio's seminar division or are involved in either software or server projects or in the field of research and development. In addition to books, Comelio Medien also publishes a comprehensive technology blog, in which various members of the development team offer an insight into their tools and technical designs and approaches. Further novel formats such as quick reference cards and posters, which are also available electronically, top off the portfolio's offerings. Since the founding of the publishing house, the various products gained  a readership of several 100,000 people.

Comelio Outsourcing and Offshoring

Comelio About UsComelio Outsourcing is based in Chennai, India providing software development services that can reduce costs, increase flexibility, and save time. Our team of development experts can find the best solution for you, whether it may be software application development, database solutions, data mining or data integration. Comelio supplies development services in diverse types like dedicated teams for a full or sub project or individual team members.