Founding and early years

Comelio historyThe company was founded in Berlin, Germany in 2000 by Christoph Leinemann and Benjamin Rusch. Comelio's primary focus began on Java technology, the then-new XML-standards and Oracle products. The first headquarters was established in a neighborhood filled with many historical buildings which were not yet renovated. However, years after the German Reunification and the fall of the Berlin Wall, it transformed into one of the hippest neighborhoods of the city. In 2009, the headquarters was moved into a more spacious building in a less crowded area still only minutes from downtown and all the famous sights. After several years, the company already employed 10 software developers and IT consultants and had established many contacts with freelancers or partners - both companies and universities - across Germany. The various teams developed business software and Business Intelligence systems for small and midsize companies and public organizations.


National expansion

Comelio historyMarcus Wiederstein and Marco Skulschus took over the management of the company in 2004. From then on, Comelio began to offer services in the field of information technology in various other major cities alongside Berlin such as Munich, well-known for its "Oktoberfest," or Dusseldorf which is famous for being the capital of the former steel and mining industry or Hamburg with its international harbor.

International expansion

Comelio historyComelio has been a Microsoft Certified Partner since 2005 and since 2007 has proven its aptitude, earning the status of Microsoft Gold Certified Partner by carrying out an ever-increasing number of customer projects. From 2008 projects were also completed in Austria and Switzerland, and from 2009 these were extended to include international projects in non-German speaking countries. The success of Comelio's focus on business applications and the implementation of additional Microsoft-based technologies have led to the development of client projects and a strong foundation of long-standing business connections and partnerships.

Development of the business units

Development of Comelio Training

Comelio historyThe Comelio Training division has been around since the firm's founding. Thanks to its partnership with Microsoft (Learning Solutions Competency), the company is able to hold MOC seminars and because of the partnership with Sun and Oracle, also offers a wide variety of seminars covering a range of additional topics. Since 2008, the range of seminars on offer has been topped off by the addition of seminars based in the field of soft skills.

Research and Development

Comelio historyIn 2006, the first project in the field of research and development took place, which saw Comelio work closely with partners from the industry and with research institutes. Every year the Comelio team carries out a research project, financed either by Comelio or by public funding, which have led to the development of increased technological expertise. The results of the research have been published as books or articles as well as software prototypes or test versions and have been entered into technology competitions.

Comelio Media

Comelio history2007 saw the founding of the Verlag Comelio Medien publishing house, providing a platform for the publication of IT books and the Comelio Blog by Comelio's employees whose work had previously been published by other publishers. Since its inception, a total of more than 10,000 works have been sold in Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

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