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Statistics trainings RThe various courses on statistical analysis using the free and open source statistical programming language R present the mathematical backbone and give you an introduction on common and more specialized statistical methods and R packages. The R trainings will enable the participants to perform regular and advanced data analyses or check their existing reports and evaluate the already applied statistical methods and procedures. The R trainings intensively combine presentations / lectures and case studies and exercises with R and current or historic sample data coming from various disciplines.

Design of our R and Statistics Trainings

Our training catalog contains R trainings, which present various basic and specialized analytical techniques but also courses which are designed for specific target groups and users.

Design of our R Trainings

  • Descriptive and Inductive Statistics: The “Descriptive and Inductive Statistics Training" is our beginner training on statistical analysis and R. It shows you how to calculate and interpret measures of tendency and dispersion and how to apply other common standard techniques. It also conveys knowledge of probability theory and statistical estimation of parameters of the population.
  • Multivariate Methods: You then have the option to turn to more advanced techniques. To this end, we offer the two trainings "Multivariate Methods using R" and "Data Mining using R". Both trainings offer a variety of topics in the field of multivariate methods such as clustering, discriminant analysis, and the analysis of variance or (non-) linear regression, time series analysis, and artificial neural networks.
  • Exploratory Analyses: You will get to know sophisticated statistical techniques with which you can generate hypotheses and discover new knowledge in trainings such as “Categorical Data Analysis using R” and “Exploratory analyses using R”.
  • Bayesian Statistics: For participants who want to carry out analyses based upon probability theory and probabilistic models we offer trainings such as “Bayesian Statistics using R” and the advanced training “Statistical Analysis using Bayesian Networks”.
  • Graphics and Diagrams: R offers impressive ways to create graphs and charts with the aid of different software packages. You can find several trainings on individual packages like lattice or ggplot2 as well as spatial data in our extensive training catalog.

Application Areas for Statistics

Some of our statistics trainings deal with rather specialized applications of statistics and data analysis.

  • Engineering Statistics: The "Design of Experiments (DOE)" training is specifically designed for engineers and technicians who conduct experiments and want to prepare them applying statistical experimental design and want to analyze their results. For the control and optimization of production processes you can enroll in the course "Statistical Quality Control".
  • Life Sciences: For engineers and scientists working in the fields of biology, chemistry or pharmaceutics, we offer two specialized seminars that show you the relevant statistical techniques using R. They cover the statistical basics and the typical advanced and rather specialized topics within a full and intensive week.
  • Geosciences: Spatial data and time-related spatial data can also be statistically analyzed using R. You will get to know various software packages in two trainings: "Spatial Data in R" and "Graphics III (Time and Spatial Data)".

Training Dates

Our seminars on statistics, Data Mining and data analysis using R will be held in various locations.

Comelio Contact USA USA You can attend classes in our HQ in Miami, FL as well as in Chicago, IL or Jersey City, NJ.
Training and Course Location Scandinavia Scandinavia

In the Scandinavian countries, you can book our trainings in

Training and Course Location Berlin Central Europe

In Germany, we deliver statistical trainings at our main location in Berlin.

In The Netherlands, we carry out trainings in Amsterdam

Comelio Contact India India You can enroll for trainings in our HQ in Chennai but also in New Delhi or Mumbai.

In-house / On-site Trainings

inhouse on site trainingsMany companies plan to roll out statistical thinking and methods in a department or team and require that teaching statistical methodology be combined with a special statistical software package or sample data. Our trainers can come to your location and create a new and individual statistics trainings based upon the standard seminars in our training catalog or even create an individual statistics training whose agenda should perfectly match your needs and interests. It is also possible to design an actual series of trainings or recurring training events.