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Statistics trainings RWe created various Minitab trainings which teach engineers, scientists like physicists or chemists but also students working as testers in the lab or in quality assurance how to apply statistical thinking in their daily work using the Minitab software. All Minitab trainings rely on introductory presentations which show the principles and the mathematical fundamentals of the various statistical techniques before the students will actually use the Minitab software for tasks like design and analysis of experimental data, the creation of control charts for statistical quality control or standard and advanced statistical analyses.

Design of our Minitab Trainings

You can find two different types of trainings in our Minitab training catalog so that you can either select a training which is more focused on the typical tasks in QA or R&D or make the most of Minitab and statistical analysis by selecting advanced statistical analysis for your experimental data or samples which are drawn from your production process.

Engineering Statistics

Minitab is a specialized statistics software which is in use in many departments for quality assurance / control, research and development or in manufacturing / production. It provides engineers and scientists with the statistical procedures for the analysis of experimental or production data as well as statistical process / quality control.

  • Engineering Statistics: As a beginner or as a refresher course, you can learn the basics of descriptive and esp. inductive statistics plus the basics of DOE and SPC in our 5-day training “Engineering Statistics using Minitab”. Another 5-day training named “Descriptive and Inductive Statistics using Minitab” focuses more intensely on the fundamentals of statistical data analysis and probability theory and its application for the analysis of samples.
  • Design of Experiments (DOE): Experiments are a standard technique in R&D and thus in products and process design. As gathering experimental data can become expensive with a growing number of factors and a substantial sample size it is imperative to apply the principles of designed experiments and the correct statistical analysis. We teach you these principles and the well-established statistical procedures in our training “Design and Analysis of Experiments using Minitab”.
  • Statistical Process Control (SPC): Modern production processes must be of high quality, must meet with various requirements and be carried out in nearly absolute control. In order to achieve these high standards you can make use of the philosophy and techniques provided by statistical process and quality control which we present in our training “Statistical Quality Control using Minitab”.

Advanced Statistics

Minitab is an advanced statistics software whose focus was and will always be engineering statistics. But recent enhancements added more statistical procedures which make it possible to gain a deeper insight and understanding in your data.

  • Regression Analysis: Although the analysis of experimental data applies regression analysis, Minitab offers far more procedures than just (non)linear regression analysis. For the analysis of count data, the prediction of class membership probabilities or categorical data analysis you can also find useful statistical techniques that are all implemented in Minitab.
  • Time Series Analysis: The analysis of temporal data is a subtype of regression analysis with special models using (non)linear regression but also ARIMA (AutoRegressive Integrated Moving Average) techniques. Minitab assists you in dealing with time-related data, their smoothing and description, and forecasting.
  • Multivariate Statistics: Regression analysis, ANOVA, and time series analysis are also examples for multivariate statistics but Minitab provides you with more statistical procedures than the general linear model. You can equally resort to clustering, exploratory factor analysis or discriminant analysis for advanced insight into your experimental or production data.

Training Dates

Our trainings on engineering statistics, statistical quality control or analysis of experimental data will be held in various locations.

Comelio Contact USA USA You can attend classes in our HQ in Miami, FL as well as in Chicago, IL or Jersey City, NJ.
Training and Course Location Scandinavia Scandinavia

In the Scandinavian countries, you can book our trainings in

Training and Course Location Berlin Central Europe

In Germany, we deliver statistical trainings at our main location in Berlin.

In The Netherlands, we carry out trainings in Amsterdam

Comelio Contact India India You can enroll for trainings in our HQ in Chennai but also in New Delhi or Mumbai.

In-house / On-site Trainings

inhouse on site trainingsMany companies plan to roll out statistical thinking and methods in a department or team and require that teaching engineering statistics be combined with a special agenda or their own sample data. Our trainers can come to your location and create an adjusted engineering statistics training based upon the trainings you find in our training catalog or even create an individual statistics training whose agenda should perfectly match your requirements. It is also possible to design an actual series of trainings or recurring training events.