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Statistics trainings RThe various courses on Data Mining concepts and techniques as well as machine learning will make you familiar with the theoretical and mathematical framework for common methods and software packages in the field of pattern recognition, classification, prediction or forecasting.

Design of our Data Mining Trainings

Our training catalog contains many Data Mining trainings, which present various basic and specialized analytical techniques but also courses which are designed for specific software applications.

Design of our R Trainings

  • Data Mining Techniques: The training "Data Mining - Concepts and Techniques" is our most important training in the field of Data Mining as students will get an overview of various methods and the fundamental concepts of sophisticated data analysis. After each presentation you will be able to actually see Data Mining in action using the open source tools Weka (written in Java) or Rattle (an R package with a GUI).
  • R and Data Mining: The free and open source statistical programming language R boasts an immense selection of common and also highly advanced and specialized Data Mining algorithms and functions for multivariate statistics, some of which we present in the courses “Data Mining using R” or “Multivariate Statistics using R”.
  • IBM SPSS Statistics / Modeler: IBM developed two different statistical software packages, which allow for highly advanced analyses. While IBM SPSS Statistics contains an impressive amount of standard analytical functions there are also quite a few extra modules for multivariate analyses and also Data Mining available. A pure Data Mining server product, however, is IBM SPSS Modeler.
  • MS SQL Server / MS Excel: Microsoft also developed tools that can be used for Data Mining applications. Either MS Excel or MS Visual Studio provides the graphical user interface while the actual algorithms are implemented in the MS SQL Server database. The trainings "Data Mining using MS Excel" or "MS SQL Server - Data Mining" present the two possible options: relying either heavily on MS Excel or digging deeper into the system and the technical details using MS Visual Studio.
  • Oracle and Data Mining: Oracle DB also comes with Data Mining modules and various statistical functions. They can either be implemented via SQL and PL/SQL programming or Oracle SQL Developer. Both approaches and the implemented Data Mining techniques are highlighted in the training “Data Mining using Oracle”.

OLAP and Data Warehousing

Quite often, organizations combine Data Mining techniques and OLAP (OnLine Analytical Processing) so as to create a highly analytical Data Warehouse solution. In case you also want to have the best of these two worlds, we support you with additional trainings like "OLAP and Data Warehouse" which gives you an overview of the fundamental concepts of the Data Warehouse approach. Furthermore, you can also narrow down your enrollment to system-specific courses:

  • MS SQL Server and Data Mining: In our MS SQL Server trainings like "MS SQL Server - Analysis Services (SSAS), OLAP and Data Warehousing" and other MS SQL Server trainings revolving around database implementation and administration you will see the concrete and practical implementation of analytical components and Data Mining using the MS SQL Server.
  • Oracle and Data Mining: Oracle as well offers a wide range of analytical options, ranging from dozens of descriptive and inductive statistical SQL functions to Data Mining and – of course – OLAP and Data Warehousing. Our Oracle trainings on database administration, PL/SQL and SQL, and analysis-related topics show you how to make the most out of your Oracle DB.

Training Dates

Our seminars on statistics, Data Mining and data analysis will be held in various locations.

Comelio Contact USA USA You can attend classes in our HQ in Miami, FL as well as in Chicago, IL or Jersey City, NJ.
Training and Course Location Scandinavia Scandinavia

In the Scandinavian countries, you can book our trainings in

Training and Course Location Berlin Central Europe

In Germany, we deliver statistical trainings at our main location in Berlin.

In The Netherlands, we carry out trainings in Amsterdam

Comelio Contact India India You can enroll for trainings in our HQ in Chennai but also in New Delhi or Mumbai.

In-house / On-site Trainings

inhouse on site trainingsMany companies plan to roll out statistical thinking and methods in a department or team and require that teaching Data Mining techniques be combined with a special Data Mining software package or their own data. Our trainers can come to your location and create an adjusted Data Mining trainings based upon the trainings you find in our training catalog or even create an individual Data Mining training whose agenda should perfectly match your requirements. It is also possible to design an actual series of trainings or recurring training events.